• Embryocenter
  • Fertility treatments
    We have the most advanced treatments.
    Depending on your individual need and the
    proper diagnosis we can select treatments plan.
  • Oocyte donation
    Our commitment is to materialize the dream of motherhood.
    To undestood our egg donation program and help other
    women to conceive
  • Know your fertility
    Certain lifestyle, environmental factors, age, or
    certain diseases can affect your fertility.
    We can help you indentify your risk factors.
  • Fertility preservation
    Do not give up the desire to be a mother, oocyte vitrification or
    ovarian tissue, cryopreservation may help you.

Embryocenter, 30 years in search of life

Our clinic was founded in 1985 and is today, alongside with Dexeus Institute in Barcelona, the oldest and most prestigious clinic in Spain, being therefore the pioneer in reproductive techniques in Andalusia. Embryocenter is a full member of the Spanish Society of Fertility, of the Spanish Association of Reproductive Biology, and of the European Society of Reproductive Medicine.